10 Sleep Music Playlists For Insomnia And Deep Sleep

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** DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, physical trainer, or fitness nor mental health professional of any kind. All thoughts expressed in this content come from my personal opinions and experiences only. **

There you are, lying in bed, trying to shut your brain off long enough to fall asleep, but you just can’t do it. There’s that meeting you have to be on time for tomorrow morning, and the kids have that thing right after dinner — wait, what are you going to make for dinner anyway?

If you find yourself suffering from insomnia or just can’t seem to fall asleep tonight, a sleep music playlist might be just what you need to get the Z’s going for you.

Personally, when I put on music to help me sleep, I find that it gives my mind something else to focus on, so all those pesky thoughts about what I did today or what I have to do tomorrow can’t get in so much. 

If you want to learn more about sleep music and why it works, and get some sleep music playlists you can use to help ease your insomnia, just keep reading. 

Why do I need music to fall asleep?

Many people who use music to fall asleep do so because they are experiencing stress, which keeps your cortisol levels high and makes you more alert, thus making it harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Listening to music can help you fall asleep faster and experience deeper sleep because it literally decreases cortisol levels. One study even found that surgery patients who listened to music had lower cortisol levels and needed less anesthetic than those who did not listen to music. 

Additionally, listening to music releases endorphins that make us feel good, and music can lessen physical pain symptoms that might be keeping you from a good night’s sleep, too. 

Is it good to play music while sleeping?

In short, yes. Playing music when you’re ready to sleep can improve how quickly you fall asleep and how deeply you sleep, starting on the very first night you do it. 

Even better, studies have shown that the benefits of listening to music when you sleep improve the more you do it. So, the more regularly you listen to music when falling asleep or during sleep, the better it will work to help you fall asleep fast and sleep deeply. 

Which music is best for sleeping?

Of course, there are caveats to using music to improve your sleep. Most notably, the music you listen to needs be calming and slow-paced for this insomnia trick to work.

As I’m sure you can imagine, listening to heavy metal or EDM music as you’re trying to fall asleep won’t do much to help you calm down and get your body ready for rest. To some extent, this is because the average person’s resting heart rate falls somewhere around 60 – 100 beats per minute (BPM)

Therefore, researchers conducting studies related to sleep and music generally select music with a tempo between 60 – 80 BPM. It’s believed that because this tempo is close to our own natural tempo (if you want to think of your heart rate like that), your body will naturally sync up with the beat of the music, thus helping you relax and fall asleep faster. 

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10 Long Sleep Music Playlists That Will Last The Entire Night

So, where can you find music like this that will help you fall asleep? And (maybe just as important) can you find sleep music playlists that won’t shut off mid-sleep cycle?

We’ve curated a list of 10 long playlists you can use to meet all of your sleep music needs. Check them out below.

1. Sleep Music (Spotify)

sleep music playlist

This user-curated playlist of sleep music includes a little over 100 individual tracks, for a total of approximately 14 hours of play time

2. Deep Sleep (Spotify)

sleep music playlist

This playlist of sleep music is provided through Spotify’s official account, so you know it’s been thoroughly scrutinized. It includes over 200 individual songs for a total play time of 10 hours

3. Sleep Music (SoundCloud)

sleep music playlist

With more than 490 tracks adding up to about 31 hours of music, this massive playlist is one of the longer ones on this list. However, I will say that I find SoundCloud sleep playlists to be less soothing than sleep music from other sources. 

The music on SoundCloud, even those songs labeled for sleep, seem to be more poppy and less ambient than that of other sources, but I realize my preferences might not be those of everyone, so I will include a few playlists from SoundCloud in this post, regardless. 

4. Sleepy Piano (Spotify)

sleep music playlist

If you prefer the sound of piano music above all else, this sleep music playlist is for you. At 7 hours of play time, it’s long enough to get you through a decent night’s sleep. 

However, if you want to sleep longer I’d recommend using the “Start playlist radio” feature to keep similar tracks playing throughout the night. 

5. Peaceful Night (YouTube)

sleep music playlist

This calming sleep music playlist includes 8 hours of uninterrupted music (once you get through the initial YouTube ad when you click on the video). 

The video also includes calming imagery, though because blue light negatively affects sleep, I’d recommend flipping your phone upside down or turning your display off if you choose to get your sleep music from YouTube. 

6. Sleep (SoundCloud)

sleep music playlist

This gargantuan sleep playlist includes over 117 hours of sleep music, made up of more than 480 individual songs

Again, SoundCloud is not my favorite source of sleep music, but both this and the other SoundCloud playlist included in this post have hundreds of likes on the platform, so clearly this music is working for some people. 

7. Relaxing Sleep Music (YouTube)

sleep music playlist

This live YouTube playlist from Yellow Brick Cinema streams 24/7, so you can be sure that no matter what your sleep schedule is, this music is available to help you sleep. With nearly 5.3 million subscribers, this channel seems to have the support of insomniacs and those who struggle to sleep. 

Again, please see my note on blue light and YouTube sleep music above. 

8. Sleep All Night Long (Spotify)

sleep music playlist

Another user-curated playlist of sleep music, this Spotify playlist features over 24 hours of play time, thanks to the more than 1,400 tracks that make it up. 

9. Calming Sleep Music (YouTube)

sleep music playlist

This video playlist is 10 hours long, and has nearly 17 million views on YouTube. Again though, if you choose to use YouTube as your source of sleep music, please be mindful of the blue light the video will put off (see above.)

10. Classy Sleep (Spotify)

sleep music playlist

This user-created Spotify playlist includes over 2,800 tracks, adding up to more than 24 hours of continuous sleep music. 

What’s your favorite sleep music playlist? 

Music can ease mental and physical stress and pain, and help those suffering from insomnia. If you have a sleep music playlist that you enjoy, especially if it’s one not mentioned here, please share it in the comments section at the bottom of this page! Our readers would love to check it out!

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