10 Lofi Music Playlists For Productivity And Motivation

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Lofi, LOFI, or Lo-Fi music, depending on how you prefer to spell it, has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

I first realized that I really liked it when I started listening to Spotify’s “Brain Food” playlist, which soon prompted Spotify to start recommending other productivity-focused playlists for me. 

Soon, I was getting recommendations for all kinds of lofi playlists, and I realized that this was the kind of music I preferred to work to, especially when I need to get some writing done. 

In this post, I want to share my love of lofi music with you by explaining a little bit about it, as well as sharing some playlists that you can use to stay focused and productive when you need to get a lot done. 

What is Lofi music?

Lofi is a style of relaxing, slow-paced music that is generally described as being a subgenre of hip-hop. Lofi hip-hop often features steady, regularly timed beats offset by higher-pitched melodies, typically in the form of a piano or horn instrument. 

Additionally, unlike some other genres of hip-hop, lofi music rarely features vocals. More commonly, lofi artists will include minimal audio samples clipped from movies, online videos, tv shows, or other sources to set the tone for the tracks. 

Why is Lofi popular?

Interest in lofi music has grown in recent years, as this report from Google Trends shows. (The number 100 is used to represent the maximum amount of interest in a search term, according to Google Trends.)

Lofi’s peak point of popularity was, so far, earlier this year, which makes sense given that many of us working from home were trying to find new ways to be productive while continuing to deal with the ongoing pandemic. 

Personally, I find lofi music to be a great productivity tool because the lack of vocals allows me to concentrate, and the chilled out pace of the music prevents me from feeling stressed. Unlike other kinds of relaxing work music though, the higher-pitched notes characteristic of lofi add enough variety to the sound so that the tracks don’t put me to sleep.

It’s perfect for maintaining focus without distraction.

10 Long Lofi Music Playlists to Help You Focus

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Now that we’ve covered a little bit about what lofi music is, here are 10 nice and long lofi playlists you can use for when you’re working, studying, or just want some non-boring ambient music to chill out to. 

1. Lush Lofi (Spotify)

Including over 5 hours of lofi music, this playlist is created by Spotify’s official account. Many of the best long lofi playlist I’ve found are on Spotify.

2. Lofi Beats (Soundcloud)

Soundcloud is another great resource for finding music, and their selection of lofi playlists doesn’t disappoint. This user-curated playlist includes 421 tracks for a total of more than 22 hours of music. 

3. Lofi Hiphop Beats (Spotify)

This user-curated lofi playlist can also be found on Spotify, and includes a whopping 10 hours of tracks. 

4. 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop Radio (YouTube)

This livestream lofi music video is not only online every hour of every day, but the account creator also hosts a nightly sidebar chat from 8 PM to 4 AM (though they don’t list the time zone this applies to). 

Sidebar chatting is quite common in livestreaming lofi videos. While the conversations tend to offer little in terms of genuine human connection, they can be a comfort in terms of seeing that other people are listening to the same music as you in real-time.  

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5. Lofi Jazz Hop (Spotify)

Another user-curated playlist from Spotify, this one includes roughly 6 hours and 30 minutes of songs. 

6. Lofi Hip Hop Radio (YouTube)

This livestreaming YouTube video provided by the account Chilled Cow is one of my favorites to put on my TV and write to. The animated video is a nice touch, plus the fact that the account is live means you never run out of lofi

7. Lo-Fi Beats (Spotify)

Another playlist curated by Spotify’s official account, this list of lofi selections includes approximately 17 hours of music

8. Lofi/Beats (Soundcloud)

Another Soundcloud playlist, this one features 426 lofi music tracks, for a total playtime of over 25 hours

9. Lo-Fi Hip Hop (Amazon Music)

Featuring over 4 hours of lofi music, this playlist’s availability on Amazon Music means that you can easily ask your Amazon Echo smart speaker to play it for you.

10. Cafe Radio 24/7 (YouTube)

Another livestreaming YouTube video, this lofi playlist is curated and streamed by the account The Jazz Hop Cafe. As you might have guessed, these lofi songs have a bit more of a jazz sound than others mentioned on this list. Again, I also really enjoy the animated video that goes with the daily livestream

What do you use lofi music for?

I use lofi music to keep my focused and motivated when I’m working from home or writing. Many college students also use lofi music as background noise for studying.

What do you use it for? Tell us in the comments below.

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