The Best 2021 Planner Instagram Accounts to Follow

planner instagram accounts to follow
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I don’t know about you, but I find something so satisfying and inspiring about looking at a neat, organized planner. The lists, the goals, the hand-drawn lettering… what’s not to love?

So, in the spirit of kicking off the new year on a motivational note, I’m sharing some of my favorite planner Instagram accounts so you can get some 2021 planner inspo, too!

10 Awesome 2021 Planner Instagram Accounts 

Before we jump into the list itself, I want to clarify what I look for in a good planner Instagram account:

  • Image quality and consistency – I think it goes without saying that these are part of what make any Instagram account truly addictive and worth following.
  • Space for realistic, actionable goals – I don’t want to look at someone’s planner if it’s completely impractical. I want some ideas for how I can up my own daily planner game.
  • Personality – Part of the fun in seeing what someone else’s planner looks like is in seeing their personal goals and personalities come through on the page.

With that said, here are what I think are some of the best planner Instagram accounts to follow to get some inspiration for the year ahead.

1. Pages by Amy | @pagesbyamy 

This account not only features nearly 200 photos of hand-drawn planner ideas, but Amy also sets a theme on her account for each month. 

The 2021 planner ideas here are not only inspirational and beautifully designed, but they also include creative border artwork ideas that add some extra personality to each page. 

2. Amiza Omar | @amizaomar

If you prefer a more minimalist-style planner, this account is for you. 

Amiza’s 2021 planner ideas rely more on blocking and bordering out different sections of each page, with occasional stylistic elements thrown in to add some aesthetics. These simple, distraction-free layouts could easily inspire your own planner pages. 

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3. That’s Pia | @thats_pia

Focusing on planners, bullet journals, and stationary, the Instagram account of Pia K. is a dark-and-light contrast lover’s dream. Her planner photos combine dark aesthetics with metallic accents and occasional blips of accent colors. 

While the account as a whole is less focused on planning than some of the others mentioned here, it’s still a great place to go for lettering, layout, and artwork inspiration. 

4. Myrthe’s BuJo | @myrthesbujo

If you couldn’t guess from the title of her account, yes, this Instagram influencer primarily focuses on bullet journaling. 

However, her beautiful water-color journal ideas also extend into the realm of personal planning, and this account will be a favorite for anyone who likes colorful lettering, design accents, and planning ideas. 

5. Rae’s Daily Page | @reaesdailypage

With a focus on woody and earth-tone aesthetics, Rae’s Daily Page brings a warm and cozy feeling to the 2021 planner scene. 

Many of the planner layouts featured on this account have a weekly focus, though you can also find monthly calendar ideas, as well as thematic lettering and artwork for daily planner pages, too.

6. Planning With Bumble | @planningwithbumble

For those of you wondering, no, this is not a planner Instagram about making to-do lists on the dating app Bumble. Bumble is the name of the account creator, Mary Ellen Houston’s, dog, who makes an appearance now and then in her Instagram photos. 

This Instagram account is absolutely stuffed with planner layouts, colors, and artwork ideas that are sure to spark fellow planning fanatics’ imaginations. 

7. Noted Co. | @_note.d

This 2021 planner Instagram has more of a professional vibe than some of the other accounts mentioned here, making it perfect for people focused on their office to-do lists and goals this year. 

This account also incorporates elements of simplicity and minimalism and a higher contrast feel. 

8. Monday Morning Design | @mondaymorningdesign

This planner, journaling, and lettering Instagram account is one of the most visually consistent I’ve seen in a while. 

The account owner, Viv, does a remarkable job of organizing her planner photos around a range of earth-tone shades that are extremely satisfying to view in Instagram’s grid layout. 

Though the account doesn’t focus so much on specific daily and weekly planning, you can get a lot of ideas for your 2021 planner by checking out this page. 

9. Dee Planner Babe | @deeplannerbabe

Another great 2021 planner Instagram account to follow, this one includes a range of planner ideas and aesthetics. 

Along with photos of planner layouts, artwork ideas, and lettering styles, Dee Planner Babe also features occasional quotes that range from inspirational to humorous, so you get a wide range of content with this account. 

10. Write And Tell | @writeandtell

Last but not least, this Instagram account is run by a college professor, and perfect for those of us who don’t have time to outline and design all of our to-do list boxes. 

A perfect combination of straight and to-the-point planner layouts that still retains a neat and inspirational style, this account is great for those new to the daily planner world, as well as seasoned goal-setting veterans. 

Where do you get your 2021 planner ideas? 

I love browsing through Instagram to see what other list-makers and bullet-journalers have going on in their daily planners. Where do you get your inspiration?

Do you get your planner ideas on Instagram like me? Or do you have another favorite way to get inspired to set your daily and weekly goals? Tell me in the comments below!