About our founder

Hi – I’m Kate Banff.

And I’ve been on a journey of self-improvement for over ten years.

The Better&co Brand

Better&co was founded as a passion project while I was simultaneously working for a digital marketing company and writing my first (and so far, only) novel.

I know how deep we have to dig to better ourselves, and I want to make that easier for all of us. That was the real inspiration behind this brand.

I hope you enjoy this resource and community I’ve created. If you ever have questions, content suggestions, or you just want to say hi, feel free to email hello@betterand.co.

My Story

I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. I went to a small high-school, the kind where the district literally takes a day off for the start of hunting season. I always knew that I wanted to do something “more” with my life, in the vague sense that I suppose burdens all of us when we’re young. But I didn’t know what I wanted to do, exactly.

I decided the best thing would be to set myself up for as many opportunities as possible, so that when I found my passion I would be in a position to grasp it. I took advanced classes in high school, and eventually graduated college with summa cum laude honors. I earned my B.A. in English (Writing), with a Minor in Technical/Professional Communications. For more than a few semesters of college, I had a perfect 4.0 GPA. I did this while working part-time and fulfilling multiple internships.

After college, I applied for a position at a marketing agency. I was not hired, but I was given a paid internship for six months. I worked with every ounce of strength I had for those six months and, at the end of the internship, I was invited on full-time.

Six years later, I had been promoted several times over and had more than doubled my starting annual salary. I had also developed the worst mental health climate of my life to date.

All those years striving to get perfect grades, to earn recognition in my career, and to improve my financial situation had slowly been catching up with me. At my worst point, I was having crying episodes every morning before work and dreading the thought of getting out of bed again when I laid down each night.

That winter, the winter of 2017 I believe it was, I finally sought professional help and was diagnosed with a moderate case of Major Depressive Disorder (an adjectival distinction that I still find amusing). I found a medication that helped me cope with my anxiety and depression and, more importantly, I found a therapist. Gradually, I got my mind back. I got my life back.

I’m not telling you all of this to make you think that my life has been perfect ever since. It most certainly has not. I’ve had many ups and downs (some quite big downs, to be honest), since then.

What I want you to understand from all of this is that I have been in a place of having no motivation, no joy, and no hope. And I’ve come out of it. But I didn’t do it by myself. I did it with help and support from others.

That’s what this website is about. This is a place for advice, stories, information, recommendations, etc. to help all of us better our lives, whatever that might mean and look like for each of us. In this sense, the “co” in Better&co is the most important part of our brand. It’s the community here that makes this site what it is.

At the time I founded Better&co, I was working for that same marketing firm for 20 hours a week, writing fiction on the side, and decluttering my apartment as the COVID-19 quarantines made me acutely aware of all the junk I owned. I found myself reflecting on my personal struggles with depression and anxiety, and the changes – large and small – that I’d made over the years to slowly but surely create a point in my life where I was, for all intents and purposes, genuinely happy. And I thought: if I can do it, anyone else can, too.

So go ahead. Do it. We’ll help you get there.