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Better&co is more than just a space for us to offer advice, it’s a place for you to share your own experiences, as well.

Please note that, as a new community, we are unable to pay for submissions at this time.

However, what we can offer you is a place to start building your writing portfolio, add on to your existing portfolio, and the potential to have your work seen by the readers who come to our site.

You do not need to have previous writing experience to write for us. We believe that personal stories and experiences are more valuable than a list of writing credentials.

However, we will not accept writing from everyone. Your work will need to show an effort on your part to create something worth reading. That said, we welcome writer applications from people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, etc.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences with our readers, please review our content guidelines below.

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Better&co sections accepting new content

We currently have an open call for new writers in the following topic categories:

  • Wellness
    • Mental health
    • Fitness
    • Beauty
    • Food
  • Productivity
    • Motivation
    • Planning
    • Habits
    • Goals
  • Home
    • Organizing
    • Style
  • Money
    • Career
    • Budgeting

Our writing guidelines

All content published on Better&co will be expected to meet these standards:

  • 500 – 2,000 words
  • Written in English (preferably American English, but we’re open to accepting quality content in U.K. English or Australian English, as well)
  • Cite any information presented as fact in the content
  • Be well-written and generally free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Be original, previously unpublished work
  • Free of plagiarism

As the publishers of all content on this site, we reserve the right to edit any content submitted to us. Common reasons for editing a submitted post are:

  • To improve the SEO value of the post (we do not expect all our writers to have SEO experience)
  • To remove or replace low-quality links to external sites
  • To add links to other Better&co posts
  • To correct spelling and grammar, or to apply headings throughout the post to break up the content more

How do I submit writing for publication?

If you are interested in submitting your work to Better&co, please use the form below to reach out to us.

* Please note: We do not accept sponsored posts or advertising inquiries through this page. If you are interested in partnering with us to promote your product, brand, or service, please contact us through our Partnerships page.

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